Monday, December 11, 2017

New Progressive Rock Music From Dave Kerzner, Fischer's Flicker And The Ed Palermo Big Band

Progressive rock artist Dave Kerzner recently released his second solo album titled "Static." The album features a guest appearance from legendary Genesis guitarist Steve Hackett, as well as members of Big Big Train and Porcupine Tree. Kerzner's new 14-track album plays out like a rock opera, centered around the chaos of modern everyday life. After a short piano "Prelude," the album kicks off with the 8-minute prog-rock attack of "Hypocrites" as Kerzner establishes himself as a student of early progressive rock giants like King Crimson, Genesis and Pink Floyd. Hackett makes his presence known with the guitar solo in "Static," before Kerzner picks up the tempo for the harder edge rocker "Chain Reaction." He continues with the sonic blast of "Dirty Soap Box" and the seven-minute epic piece "The Truth Behind," before finishing up his new album with the nearly 17-minute prog-rock adventure "The Carnival Of Modern Life," which ties his whole concept album together. To find out more about Dave Kerzner and his latest release "Static," please visit

Chicago native Scott Fischer is ready to return to his band after contributing to Zappacast (official Frank Zappa podcast) and performing as a member of the Rod Stewart Experience. He recently released his seventh studio album titled "Open 28 Hours" as his songwriting continues to grow toward the prog-rock genre of music. His new 10-song release begins with the funk-soul groove of "The In-Betweener" and continues with the more pop-oriented rock tone of "You & Everybody." He showcases a harder edge on the grind of "3 6 9," before the Steely Dan inspiration of "Spiders." The highlight of the album is the nearly ten-minute epic piece "Mother Of A Ship" as Fischer lets loose on this studio jam feeling, before finishing up with the acoustic rock sing-along of "Zen." To find out more about Fischer's Flicker and his latest release "Open 28 Hours," please visit

Many may know Ed Palermo from his orchestral arrangements of Frank Zappa's music, following the artists' death in 1993, but his latest incantation features The Ed Palermo Big Band reinventing the music of Zappa and Todd Rundgren. Their new album titled "The Adventures of Zodd Zundgren" features 25 tracks and over an hour's worth of interpretations of some of the most well-known songs in rock music like "Peaches En Regalia" and "Hello It's Me." Palermo and his Big Band jam on their nearly seven-minute version of Zappa's "Montana" and use there voices as the instruments during "Echidna's Arf (Of You)." The band turns Rundgren's "Broke Down And Busted" into show-tune gold, as you'd swear it was part of a Broadway musical. The album closes with a great cover of Zappa's "Zoot Allures" and the quick-moving one-minute reprise of "Yer Fast." To find more about The Ed Palermo Big Band and their latest release "The Adventures of Zodd Zundgren," please visit

Sunday, December 10, 2017

New Music From Steven Casper & Cowboy Angst And Also Bonsai Universe

Arriving in early 2018 is the brand new album from Steven Casper & Cowboy Angst titled "Sometimes Jesse James." In the past five years, the band has received accolades from Country Music Television (CMT) and Music Connection Magazine and continue to gain prominence with their 8th studio album. This new 6-song release begins with the guitar boogie shuffle of "Down" as the music is sure to get your blood pumping. Steven Casper & Cowboy Angst showcase their softer side with the country ballad "The Best Day Of Our Lives," then they bring on the blues with "The Call It Love." The album heads toward the end with the steady pace of "Born To Lose Blues," which according to Casper has been the writing board for about "four or five years" and the Mexican ballad "Mi Sueno, Mi Dolor." To find out more about Steven Casper & Cowboy Angst and their latest release "Sometimes Jesse James," please visit

From the far out reaches of space comes the latest release from Bonsai Universe. The band is the brainchild of musician Woody Aplanalp and his new album "Moonstream" is performed, produced and mixed by himself. Aplanalp has worked with well-established artists like Bobby Womack, Lauryn Hill and Aloe Blacc, and he has taken those experiences into his new 13-song release. The album begins with the steady electronic folk output of the title-song "Moonstream." His songs take on a more mainstream vibe with the country tones of "Am I Good Enough" and the folk rock appeal of "Walking With My Eyes Closed." He goes back to the more experimental, keyboard-filled music of "Why Are My Dreams?," then  he gets an acoustic, island-flair going with "Sweet Exaggeration." The album finishes with the gentle-touch of "A Lot Of Nerve," the atmospheric drifting of "Too Real" and the electric folk appeal of "Starstream." To find out more about Bonsai Universe and the new release "Moonstream," please visit his Facebook page at

Saturday, December 9, 2017

Fellow Artists Pay Tribute To The Music Of Dan Fogelberg With New Release

American singer/songwriter Dan Fogelberg was an artists' artist. He made music that other musicians fell in love with and this latest release proves that, as some of the biggest names in country/pop music gathered together pay tribute to Fogelberg. The new 14-song release titled "A Tribute To Dan Fogelberg" was released on November 17th through BMG and follows the singer's induction into the Colorado Music Hall of Fame, which took place back in August.

The set kicks off with Garth Brooks injecting a blast of energy into a rocking version of "Phoenix" and then Train delivers a stellar version of the seasonal classic "Same Old Lang Syne." In between we get the inspiration of "Nether Lands" from Donna Summer and Vince Gill teams up with Amy Grant for an emotional delivery of Fogelberg's hit single "Longer." Legendary singer, Dobie Gray lends his style to "Don't Lose Heart" and The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, along with Richie Furay perform the country ballad, "Run For The Roses." This new tribute closes with fellow singer/songwriter Jimmy Buffet's folk version of "There's A Place In The World For A Gambler" and a live version of the Zac Brown Band delivering an acoustic rendition of "Leader Of The Band" as a tribute to his Zac's father. To find out more about "A Tribute To Dan Fogelberg," please visit

Friday, December 8, 2017

New Music From Robbing Johnny, The US Americans, Caroline Ferrante, Ryan Zimmerman And Surreal Nation

First from New York City comes the new full-length release "Cold March" from folk/hip-hop/rock band Robbing Johnny. Their new 9-song release begins with the gentle, acoustic harmonies of "Sylvia," before the band dives into a Celtic/punk-swinging rhythm. They roll through the title-song "Cold March" delivering lyrics like a hip-hop artist, then find the perfect groove in "Red Bird In The City" to showcase their modern alt-rock groove. Their songwriting shines on the inspirational "Highbridge Park" as the vocals and melody build up on this powerful piece of music. Robbing Johnny finish up their new release with the laid-back, mellow folk tones of "Summer Sux" and the excitingly, energetic sing-along, "Worms In The Soil." To find out more about Robbing Johnny and their latest release "Cold March," please visit

Next up is the debut release from indie-punk/rock band The US Americans titled "Greatest Hits." This new 12-song release kicks off with the high energy of "Playtime" and the heavier rock groove of "Money In America." They deliver a Red Hot Chili Peppers sound on "Dance Song 17," before experimenting more with their sound on the dark, moody feel of "Movies." The US Americans showcase their skills on the seven-plus minute epic "Fade Out," then finish up their new release with the funky beats of "Lazy Suzy" and the blues ballad "Dentist Street." To find out more about The US Americans and their latest release "Greatest Hits," please visit

From Washington, D.C. comes the latest release from Americana/country artist Caroline Ferrante. Her new 4-song EP titled "Sky" showcases Caroline's exceptional vocals, beginning with the up-beat swing of "Feels Like A Holiday." Her sound becomes bigger on the stomp-rhythm, country rock of "Better Angels," before returning to pop aspects of "Great Big Beautiful World." She finishes up her new short release with the empowering sound of "Symphony" as her vocals soar. To find out more about Caroline Ferrante and her latest release "Sky," please visit

Next, is Ryan Zimmerman, a singer/songwriter from New Jersey, who recently release his new 4-song EP titled "Ephemeral As A Kiss." The album begins with the acoustic, island, reggae groove of "The Reason" as he fuses together different music genres to suit his songwriting. He tells us the tale of "Lola And John" as his warming vocals will settle your nerves. Ryan wraps up his new release with the thick reggae vibe of "For The Meek" as he gets his groove on. To find out more about Ryan Zimmerman and his latest release "Ephemeral As A Kiss," please visit

Lastly we arrive at the latest release from Surreal Nation titled "I Know Better." This five-piece band from Delaware are full of energy, combining elements of alternative rock, ska, punk and jazz to create a unique, but very addictive sound. Their new 5-song EP begins with the swinging, up-tempo rhythm of "Would You Do Me The Honor Of Becoming My Mexican Divorce?," before the alt-pop tones of "I Can Feel The Night" are sure to get you excited for this new band. Their new short release wraps up with jazzy ballad "Hangtime" and the steady climb of "Spirit Is Silent." To find out more about Surreal Nation and their latest release "I Know Better," please visit the band's Facebook page at

Thursday, December 7, 2017

New Music From Indie-Artists LEF, Eraldo Bernocchi, Lucille Furs And Two Sets Of Eyes

Italian vocalist Lorenzo Esposito Fornasari (LEF) has gathered together a "superband" for his debut album, "HyperSomniac." The album is a soundtrack to the online comic that is drawn by Nana Octopus Dalla Porta and features LEF's brand new score featuring the support of Eiviand Aarset, Niles Petter Molvaer, Rebecca Sneddon, Bill Laswell, Stale Stroiokken and Kenneth Kapstad. The new 12-song release begins with the two-minute "Opening," which leads into the industrial hard rock attack of "Parallel Powers." The short instrumentals, break up the songs as LEF and his band set the mood with the dark tones of "Aran Has Changed" and the ambient feel of "A Glimpse Of Emma." The album finishes with the King Crimson-like, jazz fusion of "Therapy" and the quieter, orchestral build-up of "Let The Sun Fall Apart." To find out more about LEF and his latest release "HyperSomniac," please visit

Italian electro-producer/guitarist Eraldo Bernocchi is teaming up with percussionist FM Einheit and cellist Jo Quail on his latest release "Rosebud." The album comes out on December 8th and features six tracks of modern, electronic, ambient music, which kicks off with the nearly 11-minute opener "Bloom." Bernocchi's music at times is very peaceful, before being broken up by experimental pulses of shrieking guitar and sonic buzzing. The album continues with FM Einheit getting into the act with the rhythm infused "Ministry Of Disinformation" and Jo Quail lending a dark, eerie tone to "Xanadu." The band comes together for the up-beat, yet odd, groove of "Kangoo," before wrapping up the album with the nine-plus minute gentle soundscape feeling of "The Inquiter." To find out more about Eraldo Bernocchi and his latest release "Rosebud," please visit

The British invasion is back. When you listen to the self-titled debut album from psychedelic rock band Lucille Furs, you would never have guessed that this band is from Chicago and that this is a newly recorded album. The band's new 12-song release will certainly have you reminiscing about the psychedelic sixties as their music sounds as if it came straight from that time period. The opening tracks "The Fawn Of Teal Dear" and "Thoughts & Words" will have you wanting to dive in further into this band's debut release. You can hear their influences in the songs "Sunset Moon" and "Alabaster Crayon." while "Please, Give Her This Letter" may have hit the singles chart fifty years ago. The album delivers the perfect nostalgic trip for fans of music from that era. To find out more about Lucille Furs and their new self-titled debut album, please visit

Finally from Chicago comes the debut release from the progressive rock trio Two Sets Of Eyes. Their new 5-song release combines elements of punk-rock, jazz fusion and emo styles to create some unique sonic journeys, beginning with "Sunshine, You're Standing In My Sunlight." They showcase an up-tempo, alt-pop sound with "For The Last Time" and then display the funk infused groove "No Simple Words," before closing their new short release with emo tones of "Waiting/Reacting." To find out more about Two Sets Of Eyes and their latest self-titled release, please visit their Facebook page at